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Vince Demerit Fucks Tommy Dubois

Tommy Dubois and Vince Demerit are something like Videoboys ideal models. Young, hung, cute twinks and frisky. Neither had ever done a duo video before but we had a good feeling about each of them individually so we put them together in the room to see what would happen.

Now if I could only use one keyword to describe the atmosphere of the scene it would have to be “HARD”. Honestly both of them were hard from the first kiss during the photo shoot and remain rock hard through the interview, through the shooting of the scene and even when they took a five minute bathroom and drink break. Watch the scene from start to finish and I would challenge anyone to find a moment when they don’t both have raging hardons. It’s a beautiful thing when two beautiful twinks love to fuck as much as Tommy and Vince.

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Best Cumshots of 2010 – Staff Picks

Woody Allen once said of orgasms, “My worst one was right on the money.” We feel the same way about orgasms. And likewise the porn version, the cumshot we hold in equally high esteem. But nonetheless, when a new year roles around one feels compelled to look back over the previous twelve months of accomplishments and look for some high lights.

So it’s in that spirit, that we bring to you our TOP TEN CUMSHOTS of 2010. These are culled from all of our productions, Videoboys, Squirtz, Solos and Duos.

By what criteria did we choose these outstanding ejaculations you ask? I’ll be honest enough to tell you that the selection committee was entirely biased. Compose of only me, I picked the cumshots that most stood out in my memory. Of course distance is always impressive but it’s not the only factor in picking a great cumshot. There’s volume. Who can help but be impressed when a guy dumps such a load of goo that the camera crew are compelled to man the pumps. Then there’s vessel of delivery. Even if a cumshot would only be considered “pretty good” if sent up by an average sized dick, when delivered via a massive monster cock, the thrill of the moment is magnified geometrically. Points may also be awarded for style difficulty, such as the position from which one shoots, the location where he manages to deposit seed and any other little detail that just makes it interesting.

Luke's Load

And last but not least there’s the “Sponsor’s Exemption”. That just comes down to whether there is a model that I like watching cum so much that I don’t care if his cumshot is a run of the mill effort, I just wanna watch him cum again.

So here they are, the Official Videoboys Productions Top Ten Cumshots of 2010.

#10. [Squirtz - July 12, 2010] This one was a tough decision and we had to decide between 6 other master blasters for the tenth spot. What put twink boy Luke over the top for us was a) his huge dick, b) huge puddle of thick, creamy cum and c) most importantly the fact that he had his fingers furiously working his asshole in order to produce the final product.

Luda's taste of greatness

#9. [Videoboys - March 26, 2010] There were a few factors that made this cumshot rate a special place in our hearts, not the least of which is the fact that we think Luda is plain sexy, with the nicest combination of smooth skin, gorgeous ass, big cock and bad boy style we’ve seen in years. But the circumstances of the shot were also impressive. The water in the bathtub was pleasant warm temperature when we started shooting but by the time we got to the cumshot it had cooled down sufficiently to make the heartiest polar bear’s nuts shrivel.

Jojy gets it right on his 2nd try.

When I look at it more closely it seems to me that his lips are starting to turn a bit blue. Add to that the fact that Luda makes a valiant effort to shoot the cum up into his mouth from a

sitting up position and you have to give him credit for being a hell of a trooper. To make up for his missed shot, he takes a little taste just so we know it wasn’t cum-shyness that made him miss the target. Luda’s taste of greatness.

#8. [Squirtz - March 8, 2010] Maybe this cumshot by straight twink boy Jojy should be filed under the “Most Improved” category but it was enough of an upgrade from his first Squirtz cumshot [Squirtz - Oct 22, 2007] that we felt he really deserved some recognition. We’ll chalk it up to disciplined training.

Justin LeBeau covers his toy with love.

#7. [Videoboys - May 14, 2010] For marks against this cumshot, Justin Lebeau was fucking a plastic pussy. That’s bad because a) we had to show something on the site that looked like a pussy and b) because had to use the word pussy (ewww, I said it again). But to nullify all that negative p-word stuff and vault this cumshot to the #7 position on the charts were some major positives. First of all it was Justin Lebeau who was cumming and I don’t mind admitting that he’s just so fucking adorable I would pay to watch him blow his nose. Second, he fucks that “thing” with such earnest that his cheeks were adorably flush and his panting was undeniably arousing. And finally, he did pump so much cum on to that “thing” that we couldn’t get it all into one shot glass (don’t ask questions).

Trent Evans brings out the big guns.

#6. [Squirtz - March 10, 2010] When it comes to cumshots, most of the guys we’ve known with really big cocks are more like say dripping candles than bottle rockets. By the time the cum gets to the top of those big erections, it just seems too tired to spring forth. But Trent Evans was a rare and pleasant exception. When he unleashed his load the jiz jumped straight up in the air and sprayed in all directions. And that after making the grueling 9.5 inch journey from his balls all the way up the shaft of his cock.

Xavier almost drowns in his own cum.

In human athletics terms, that’s a bi-athalon event involving a long distance race followed by a record breaking high jump.

#5. [Videoboys - Feb 12, 2010] I don’t think this one needs any justification but just in case… Look at the cum! It’s all over his bad boy twinky face! Xavier Powell always had pretty interesting cumshots but this one was special because… IT’S ALL OVER HIS FACE! Honestly, he couldn’t have have had a more perfect facial cumshot than this one. Perfect aim, great volume and, well, it’s just dripping off him.

Timo gives Casey Devereaux a mouthful.

#4 [Videoboys - April 23, 2010] The Casey Deveraux and Timo Taylor fuck video was a great scene on so many levels including Decibel levels. We were sure the neighbours would call the cops beca use of the noise. But when Timo finally came in Casey’s mouth and all over his face it really was the icing on the cake so to speak. Watch as Timo tells Casey he’s ready to cum. Casey immediately pounces on that spurting cock like a suckling pig that hasn’t eaten for days. Must-see cinema for sure.

Arnaud Chagall shows he has the right stuff.

#3. [Squirtz - May 24, 2010] I said that I didn’t want to make this top ten just about distance blasts but I won’t deny that I think a good power squirt is amazingly exciting and certainly worthy of mention in the Cumshot top ten. And Arnaud Chagall has this amazing technique where he gets really close to cumming and then seems to squeeze his shaft to help build the pressure. This was our introduction to Arnaud and we were very pleased. Watch the six distinct jets of cum that fly out. And note that jet #2 goes further than jet number #1 and the last two are almost as good as #3. Now that’s talent.

The three most powerful shooters in a stroke off.

#2. [Videoboys - Sept 10, 2010] Whenever someone discovers something that everyone can enjoy together, some asshole has to come along and ruin it by turning it into a competition. We plead guilty with an explanation. Our real reason for getting these three guys jerking off together in a room was because we were curious to see how they would react to the temptations so close at hand. But the cumshot contest turned out to be a real shootin’ match and the final result was a real knee knocker. The champion was able to summon up the strength to out do an incredible challenge from the 2nd place finisher.

Lukas Wild hoses down Michal McAllister.

#1. [Videoboys - Oct 1st, 2010] Don’t let his disappointing performance in the cumshot contest fool you. Lukas Wild is an extraordinary cumshooter and his fuck scene with Michal McAllister is all the evidence you need. Before the cumshot, Michal joked that he didn’t mind getting cum in his face if it was by accident but he didn’t want a facial that was a set up. So he and Lukas agreed to just let Lukas pull out of Michal’s ass when he was ready to shoot and let it go where ever it went. At that distance Michal didn’t expect to have to be dodging shots. Even Lukas was shocked at his own amazing shot. Watch shocked look on his face when his second blast leaps over Michal’s head, missing his face just by a hair. Michal can’t control his laughter after about 4 amazing spurts just miss him.

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Nick Leblanc Violate’s His Hole

Though he wouldn’t admit it, Nick Leblanc is a great bottom. When he got fucked by Yuri Gurganov, apparently only his second time bottoming, Nick took that cock like a real champ and tried various positions with relative enthusiasm. We decided to conduct a little experiment to find out if Nick’s pleasure was derived primarily from the sensations in his ass or if they were more about his erotic feelings for a real live man inside him. Of course his first reaction was “Oh the dildo is too big, I’m Str8, I don’t like that sort of thing, I’m only into girls,” etc etc. But we persisted and he complied.The dildo, which was maybe not as thick as Yuri’s dick but longer, slid into Nick without hesitation. And not just half way, either. Nick took the whole thing right up to the safety grip. In and out, in and out went on without a hitch. Nick continued to protest, that it hurt, that he didn’t enjoy it and requested a few breaks to give his hole a break. Is Nick one of those people who simply states the opposite of what is true because he doesn’t want to admit to enjoying the pleasures of his anus? To quote Shakespeare’s Queen Gertrude, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Or can we take him at face value? We’ll let you be the judge.

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Justin Lebeau After His First Gay Blow Job

You remember the first scene with Justin Lebeau and Ashton Hardwell together? That was Justin’s 2nd time being sucked off by a guy. Justin had been ONLY with girls for the first 19 years of his life and then about a week or two before this scene, in a drunken moment at a party, Justin let his guard down and some lucky guy got to suck him off. He found that the experience wasn’t so bad so he agree to try again with Ashton. Here is his reaction AFTER the scene was finished and we shut off  the main camera. The Hacky Sack in underwear session is included here only because he looks so good in those blue briefs.

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Spotlight on Lukas Wild

Just  a quick look through Videoboys and you’ll notice that certain models appear in our videos over and over. And one of most frequent over the past few years has been Lukas Wild.

Lukas Wild

I doubt that we need to explain why we’ve used Lukas so frequently. Many of the qualities that make him a great model are obvious just from watching the videos. His looks are a big factor. He has a beautiful face with compelling blue eyes, and a smooth, lean body, just the way we like it. Then there are his sexual skills. Lukas is what they call in the industry a “woodsman”. He can get hard instantly and stay hard as long as he wants to (and sometimes even when he doesn’t want to). And let’s not forget those cumshots! When Lukas cums you better pass out the rain coats to everyone in the blast radius.

But Lukas has many other qualities that are not as apparent to the casual viewer and these are the qualities that make him a real gem of a model. You may find it hard to believe but not all young porn actors are dependable. Lukas Wild, however, is probably the most reliable models we’ve ever worked with. If he says he’s going to be there for a shoot at a certain place at a certain time, then he’s going to be there. We don’t have to wonder.  And it’s more than just being there in body, Lukas is there in spirit, ready to do the job 100%.

Lukas Wild & Jo

Another thing that may surprise you. Porn shoots don’t always go the way we plan them. With some models that’s a problem because they had in mind a set idea of what they are going to do and if it becomes necessary to deviate from the plan they get all pissy and don’t give their best effort. But a model like Lukas just wants to make the best scene he can and he’s ready to adapt to the circumstances. I remember this one time we had a model, let’s call him Model B,  an excellent bottom and we scheduled a scene for him with Lukas. Model B was going to be the bottom and Lukas was going to be the top. But when Model B arrived, it seems that the night before he had developed a need to be more heterosexual and insisted he would only do the scene if he could be top. Ok, no problem said Lukas and off  we went into the scene with Lukas as bottom. And when Model B was unable to produce a hardon sufficient for the task, we had to go back to the original plan. Ok, no problem said Lukas, and he proceeded to fuck the hell out of Model B, who got instantly hard as soon as he had Lukas in him, and we got a great scene.

Here’s a factor that’s important keep in mind when trying to choose models. We can’t always put models together that are “into” each other. Sometimes the match-up is made out of convenience or for some other purpose. And sometimes you put two models together and they just don’t click. If one model is just there to do the job and not get any more involved with his duo partner than is necessary to make a good scene then this can be a problem for the other model in some cases. If they don’t sense that their duo partner is really hot for them, they get all self-conscious and withdrawn and it becomes a real challenge to make the scene “pop”. Fortunately for us, Lukas is NOT one of those models. He’s secure enough in himself and his attractiveness to know that if one particular duo partner doesn’t drop to his knees and worship him, no biggie. He’ll have his fun with the boy anyway and get the job done.

Lukas Wild fucks Luda Wayne

This is precisely why we chose Lukas as a partner to top Luda Wayne. We knew perfectly well that no matter who we picked, it wasn’t going to make one bit of difference to Luda. He’s a straight guy and he’s not about to turn passionate for a boy no matter who it is. But we knew perfectly well that any deficit in enthusiasm on Luda’s part wouldn’t dampen Lukas’ spirit nor would it cause him any lack of enthusiasm to “fuck the straight boy”. In fact, I think the idea that Luda was only tolerating getting fucked for the sake of the scene kinda turned Lukas on. Lukas’ outlook on the situation was that he’d been given a toy play with for the afternoon and dammit he was going to make the most of it. That’s part of the reason we love Lukas Wild.

Though you might expect that his open mindedness and inquisitive approach to all things sexual are the product of the moral decay of a large urban center, the truth is that Lukas is a country boy from a little town in northern Quebec. Whatever wonderful sexual powers Lukas has, they emerged from the fresh air and wide open spaces. And his sexuality is consistent with his personality, friendly, confident, passionate and unpretentious.

Maybe it’s those country roots that make Lukas such a unique and desirable gay man in a city where being gay often means dressing and behaving in a specific way. He presents a very appealing role model to those who don’t feel they fit into a gay mainstream culture. Yes, he’s gay. When it comes to sex he likes guys and only guys and he doesn’t apologize for it. But at the same time he radiates a certain masculinity that’s highly appealing and not commonly presented to us as an image of a gay man. Lukas is a truck driver by trade, likes tinker with his car, drink beer, wear work boots and baseball caps. At the same time he’s perfectly comfortable hanging out in the gay village among the Divas and Queens. He takes a “live and let live” attitude, comfortable with who he is and content to let those around him be who they are.

Ok, I think you’re starting to get the picture.  We LOVE Lukas and we have been thrilled to have him as a model and as friend. We hope you’ve enjoyed Lukas’ videos on Videoboys and we hope that this little outline has given you some insight into that hot boy with the explosive cumshots. Please send us your comments. And finally, a message from Lukas directly from his 18 wheeler:

Lukas Wild Videography

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