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Justin and Jett Against the Cityscape

After Jett and Justin’s steamy sex scene in the luxury condo we thought it would be nice to take advantage of the view from the balcony nearly 30 stories up. The post-coital smoke and kiss didn’t end up in the final video but we thought it was just way to pretty to waste. Here are Justin and Jett relaxing after sex with the Montreal skyline in the background. Note that Jett Black doesn’t actually smoke but in an ad lib worthy of Paul Henreid, he takes the cig from Justin and gives him a smokey kiss. Another note, if you look carefully across the skyline as we pan right you can actually see a little bit of New York State off in the distance.

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The Big Ride: Jett Black and Justin Lebeau


If you’ve followed Justin Lebeau at all, you’ll know that he’s a Jack Kerouac type of guy, wandering from place to place with nothing but his back pack and a cute smile. Last year he hitchhiked all the way across Canada and back. The scene you’re about to watch is our portrayal of what might have happened if the right guy had picked up Justin during his travels. Justin Lebeau plays himself, the happy hitchhiker. In casting the role of the guy who picks up the hitchhiker, we needed a guy hot enough to make even the straightest of hitchhikers horny. And when blonde-haired, blue-eye Jett Black auditioned for the part, it was Justin who gave the most enthusiastic vote for Jett to be his partner in the scene.

The Scene:

After a long journey out west, Justin is hitchhiking home to Montreal. Beautiful Jett Black pulls up and offers him a ride and they strike up a friendly conversation. When Jett learns that Justin needs a place to stay, Jett offers to let him stay at his condo for the night and Justin eagerly accepts. Jett wonders if this might lead to something more than he was expecting.

When they arrive at Jett’s posh condo he is caught off guard by how flirty Justin is behaving toward him. And before he has a chance to figure out what’s going on with this supposed straight guy, Justin leans in and gives Jett one of the most passionate kisses of his life. Once the barrier is broken, both boys let their passions take charge and an excited kissing and sucking session begins. But while Jett is sucking Justin’s fat dick, Justin’s mind soon turns toward Jett’s perfect bubble butt and he spins him around and gently but firmly rams his cock in Jett’s eager ass. The day that started with Jett giving Justin a ride home ends with Justin giving Jett the ride of his life.

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Justin Lebeau – Wet and Wild

This is the day we’ve been waiting for for more almost a year: The Return of Justin Lebeau! Since last spring Justin has been traveling across Canada, living the life of the happy wanderer, taking jobs here and there, then moving on. But finally he’s home in Montreal and anxious to get back in front of the camera. And, wow! He’s looking better than ever, with a bit of extra muscle from his construction work, and a little bit of hair on the chin. Justin was excited to strip down and show us that he’s still the horny boy with the thick cock that we love so much.

Justin decided to show us his stuff in his favourite place to jerk off: the shower. After warming himself up with some hot water all over his body, he soaped himself all over and let the water and suds run down his chest and abs over his hard cock. But once he’s horned up enough, the water is too much of a distraction so he turned off the tap and lied down on the shower floor. From that position he gave himself the best orgasm he’s had in weeks. It’s hard to get privacy when you’re on the road.

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Dominic Couture – A Little Help From My Friends (With Joey)

It was supposed to be a solo. Dominic Couture was in town and ready to jerk off for our camera. But he and Joey Lafontaine had been hanging out the prior two days and getting along just fine. They hung out together, laughed, wrestled and joked around all day together. In fact, though Joey wouldn’t admit it, there was a bit of sexual tension going on.

So when we sat Dominic down to get started with his solo, somehow Joey just kept hanging around. He wasn’t quite ready to leave us to it. Finally as we discussed how to make this scene, Joey spoke up and said, “I could help if he wants.” He made it sound like he was just trying to be helpful, like saying “Do you want me to empty the ashtrays.” But when he got to work “helping” there was more passion than he had led us to expect. In fact he even asked to do a few things that weren’t on the list of options but we decided to save that for another day.

Suffice it to say Dominic’s “solo” turned out to be a lot more than he had bargained for. But I guarantee you will not hear him complain even once. In fact, the cumshot that sprayed his six pack abs and almost hit him in the face was testimony to just how a little help from a friend can go a long way.

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Joey Lafontaine: Teenager In Love, with Adam Harris

Joey Lafontaine is a romantic in a way that only a hot blooded teenager can be. When he saw little blonde haired, blue eyed Adam Harris he just wanted cuddle him like a cute little teddy bear. He decided to ask Adam over for a “date” in hopes of sweeping him off his feet with his hospitality and romantic words. Adam was barely through the door with a drink in his hand when Joey went straight for the gold.

Joey’s direct approach was the perfect strategy to use on Adam because Adam could barely contain his own desire to get his mouth on Joey’s cock. So Joey made the first move but Adam was strong on the follow up. The first kiss opened the flood gates leading directly to the ripping off of clothes and deep cock sucking.

But what Joey really wanted right from the start was to stick his 7.5 inch, fat, curved dick in Adam’s tight little hole. So at the first chance he got, he bent Adam over the bar stool and squeezed himself deep inside. If you’re wondering if Adam was enjoying it, just watch his erection and you’ll see that he could barely keep himself from cumming while Joey was pumping him in ever possible position.

Finally while Adam was bouncing up and down on Joey’s cock he just couldn’t hold it any longer and the cum came gushing out. But that wasn’t enough for Adam. As quick as he could climb down of Joey’s boner, he got on his knees and chowed down. His technique must have been just what Joey needed because within a few seconds he was ready to blow a huge load all over Adam’s face. Adam made sure to get a good taste of it, and he and Joey finished off the date with a cummy kiss.

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Joey Lafontaine’s Oral Breakfast

With Joey Lafontaine at breakfast. The boy just can’t help himself. If there’s a camera on, he has to play to it. This day Joey wanted to show us his oral skill.

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Kodak Moments With Luda Wayne

Luda shows one of his best features.[/caption]

Don’t hate us because our job is to take pictures and videos of beautiful guys getting naked. The truth is, in the context of doing work, it’s not as exciting as you might expect. But when Luda Wayne is waving his perfect ass and huge cock in the air, even an iceberg would have to melt.

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Joey Lafontaine Gets Soaked

The moment he walks into a room it’s really difficult to take your eyes off of Joey Lafontaine. He’s an attention magnet. He’s so friendly that he can convert a room full of strangers into great friends in a matter of minutes. Part of his charm is his innocent friendly smile but even people who aren’t turned on by cute young guys can’t help but be attracted to Joey’s smouldering sexuality. Animal magnetism, that’s what he’s got.

So rather than use props, toys or scenarios to add something to Joey’s solo, we just put him in the shower and let him be Joey. Once he got started it was an easy progression. As soon as he felt a little bit turned on his clothes melted away pretty damn quick and soon it was just Joey jerking his big boner on the edge of the bathtub. From there he moved to the shower and let the water cascade all down his smooth, teen-boy skin while he soaped himself all over. For his big finale we found Joey down on the shower floor, soaking wet, two fingers up his ass and jerking his cock like a wild man. A happy ending.

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